Black & white kitchens – a timeless contrast …

Stylish kitchen with a black & white all over design.

Black kitchen unit doors are always beautiful, and of course a real eye catcher in an unicolored design. But black also makes a perfect base for using contrasting colors. A classic, but never boring combination is black & white.

Just using these 2 simple basic colors can instantly create amazing and stylish atmospheres. Here are some inspirations how elegant black & white kitchens can be.

A black and white kitchen might be a perfect choice for those who perceive pure white kitchens as too sterile or dull. The black and white design can create many different looks. Of course it is well suited for a jazzy design, especially when you’re adding accent colors. But black & white kitchens can have an exclusive and real sophisticated look as well.

Clear and beautiful: A kitchen with a sophisticated black & white design and attractive bamboo details  for a touch of nature.
An impressive high-class black kitchen unit with white details.
Contemporary kitchen with white walls, a big mirror and gray floor tiles. A Wooden table, diverse chairs and an interesting lightening provide an avant-garde look.
Black & white kitchen with modern kitchen cabinets and stylish high-end appliances.
Modern, highly functional kitchen in minimalism style and black and white tones, with an imposing kitchen island.
White & black kitchen unit doors kitchen with high‐gloss finishes. With enough countertops and room for appliances this kitchen is a stylish but also functional workplace if you’re into cooking.

The combination of black & white is a classic one that goes never out of style. I guess one might say black and white just go natural together. Regardless which design style you choose, a done well black and white scheme makes an esthetic visual statement in any theme.

An unspoiled, minimalist design in monochrome tones.

Even in a traditional or romantic theme, black & white makes a perfect base for an outstanding kitchen design. A black/white color scheme provides amazing options to give your country kitchen a traditional and likewise modern look.

If there could be something like gothic meets country meets purist– it might be this…
Traditional cabinetry and furniture with a romantic touch. The combination with a black and white color scheme gives an exiting modern twist.
Contrasting colors in a classic kitchen: Simplicity with a touch of avant-garde.

Another benefit of this monochrome color scheme is that it will never look dated, as black & white is the most classic color scheme of all time.

Sophisticated classic kitchen with black kitchen unit doors and elegant steel handles as a simple, but effective eye catcher.

By contrast, a trendy kitchen with e.g. bright red cabinetry or lime green backsplashes (or another fancy design vision), is at risk to fall out of fashion, or that you‘ll get tired by the look of your (former trendy) kitchen in a few years.

Superb luxury kitchen with black granite worktop
A systematic mix of white and black kitchen unit doors provides a clear, beautiful and timeless look.

A black and white design offers a perfect base to create vibrant spaces, by simply adding splashes of color. So you can easily change the look of your kitchen by just changing accessories, dishware or fabric. Additionally you can cover the latest design trends by adding the hottest accent colors, or reflect your personal spirit or the seasonal mood of the year.

This way you can enjoy a kitchen that is a changing and stimulating workspace and a welcoming place for your guests, with a “Wow!”-effect.

Black and white kitchen with yellow splashes and large dining area.
Ultra-modern und stylish high gloss design kitchen.
A simple black & white kitchen – spiced-up with red walls.
Modern minimalism style kitchen in black, white and grey tones.

Naturally, a black and white kitchen doesn’t need another color to be finished.

But you can extend the strict black and white scheme by the color grey as a close relative. This way, you’ll keep the monochrome design in a way, while gaining creative diversity.

Modern and elegant kitchen in black, white and grey tones.
Modern black, white & grey kitchen with a minimalist-touch

Other interesting looks can be achieved, by adding a high-tech flair to the monochrome look through mixing it up with stainless steel, or some natural accents and a touch of greenery for a more relaxed feel.

Beautiful modern kitchen in black & white scheme with stainless steel accents.
Clean but welcoming kitchen: high gloss finishes and stainless steel accents provide interesting details.

The ways to shape the black and white color scheme in your kitchen are unlimited. One option is to keep the main cabinetry in white, and use the black contrast on countertops, backsplashes, tiles, walls  or flooring.

Just adding a few black accents to a classic, mainly white kitchen can be also a powerful tool. This way you can create interesting and vibrant designs.

Additionally, this design offers the favor that you can reverse your kitchen design to a more classic one, in case you perceive the black details as „not yours“. This might be a perfect solution for those who aren’t sure if they like the color black in their kitchen.

Another way is to mix black and white cabinets, and to complement the look with beautiful black appliances.

Beautiful modern kitchen in black & white scheme and natural accents.

Many manufacturers of kitchen appliances offer latest technological models in this trendy color, as more and more people are beginning to discover black as a stylish alternative in kitchen design.

Add to that good decoration and lighting – the possibilities are endless!“



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