Black kitchens with a touch of nature

Up to date design: Modern black kitchen with bamboo flooring and backsplashes.

Besides pure black kitchens, the combination of black kitchen cabinets with natural accents offers great design options. For example, wooden floors or countertops, or rustic brick walls harmonize perfectly with matte or high-gloss black cabinetry. Bringing off an interesting and likewise warm combination.

An exclusive, as well as sustainable option is provided by kitchens made from classic wood. This natural material makes a perfect base for a functional and likewise individual kitchen design. Completed with exquisite eco-friendly black finishes, they are an interesting choice.

Beautiful,  wooden kitchen with a black finish in impressive design.
High-end luxury black, wooden kitchen: esthetics pure!

The combinations of black kitchen interior with natural elements are the perfect reflection of our modern life. I guess one might say these designs are real contemporary. Because today, style is important – but sustainability counts! Regarding this, a black kitchen is the perfect choice: As black, as the color of style, will give your sustainable kitchen an exclusive touch!

Sustainable Kitchen with natural elements. A sunny yellow combined with black details giving a warm, soothing and likewise vibrant ambience. Jeremy Levine Design – – Source

A simple, but likewise sophisticated combination is the mix of black with real wood. This design provides an interesting contrast, and makes sure that your black kitchen doesn’t look too cold.

A beautiful contrast: black kitchen cabinets and wooden countertops

Another exiting mix is the combination of black high-gloss finishes with natural materials. This mixture enables exclusive kitchen designs with a touch of nature and a sophisticated as well as welcoming atmosphere.

Beautiful kitchen in modern style with black and wooden cabinetry.
Lacquered black kitchen cabinets with a touch of nature: A kitchen with a „Wow-effect“!
Individual open kitchen area with high-gloss black kitchen cabinets and natural elements for a welcoming atmosphere.

Besides the combination of natural, wooden elements with stylish black furniture, there are also some interesting ways to integrate natural black elements and materials.

Slate stone kitchen interior with integrated vitroceramic stove.
Loft kitchen with black marble counter tops and marble walls.
Open living room and kitchen with black granite, grey wall tiles giving a sedate and sophisticated atmosphere.

For example black marble, granite as well as black or gray slate stone provide durable and exclusive options for creating interesting kitchen designs.

Black marble, glass and stainless steel: an esthetic mix!
Modern kitchen with a beautiful black marble counter top.

The combinations of black and natural elements can be very exclusive. That might be a reason why many kitchen designers discover this mix. But, black kitchens with wooden accents don’t have to be particularly expensive. In the meantime a lot of classic kitchen manufacturers offer this look as well.

Small kitchen corner with a lot of storage. The black tabletop and black backsplashes provide a sophisticated ambience.
Black kitchen cabinets and  wooden elements: Pretty kitchen that opens out to the dining area. A perfect place to cook, share and dine with friends.
An interesting combination: A kind of country farmhouse kitchen meets industrial.
Contemporary kitchen with brick and concrete walls. A kitchen island with a black tabletop provides an interesting focal point.

One of my favorites is the combination of black with rustic brick walls. I’ve always been a fan of this natural wall design with it’s rough beauty. Because this is a more rare design, I was delighted about these three kitchens that include stylish black kitchen interior with this striking rustic brick walls.

A young and interesting design: Wooden kitchen with black details and natural brick walls.
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