Black kitchens – illuminate your kitchen and dare the dark

Modern design open plan kitchen with bar and eating area.

Black – not always spooky

Black has always been the color where opinions are divided. For some, it has a scary and spooky touch or perhaps gothic ambience and for others it’s just simply the color of class, elegance and creativity. Regardless if you like it or not: Black is a color with great impact! Therefore it is a predestinated „tool“ for an impressive kitchen design.

Black kitchen interior with a clean ambience but a lot of charm.
This stylish, black open plan kitchen extends into the living room, giving a seamless and spacious feel.
A nice contrast: Matte black kitchen with stainless steel accents.

So more and more people are no longer “afraid of the dark”. They are seeking a modern, statement-making look which pushes the boundaries of traditional kitchen design. Therefore, they decide to go with black for an outstanding and exclusive kitchen design.

Modern black kitchen interior with a high‐gloss finish. Enough countertops and room for appliances and storage giving a stylish and likewise functional working place.

Nowadays style is as important as functionality. So many people perceive black as a stylish color, well suited for expressing their individuality.

Dark elegance: Kitchen with center island and an eating area in a high-rise city apartment.

… And sometimes to bring a little bit glamour in their everyday life!

Amazing, exceptional design in black & gold. This kitchen is definitely an eye catcher!
Minimalism style open-plan kitchen in black & white tones.
Stunning, modern kitchen and a gorgeous focal point.

Further, many kitchen designers and high-end manufacturers of custom kitchen cabinets are beginning to discover black as a stylish alternative for kitchen designing. And one might add quite successfully too as black cuts a fine shape in many design styles.

Amazing focal point: A black kitchen with dominant glass elements in a modern loft – Architecture by Angelis Mazza.
Ultra-modern und stylish high gloss design kitchen.

Whether a clean, sleek contemporary design in high-gloss black, a more modern design with industrial materials and more masculine flavor, or a traditional styled kitchen with black cabinetry – black is always beautiful!

A clean ambience with a dominant black.

Black kitchen interior also makes a perfect base for using contrasting colors. Especially with cabinetry in high-gloss finishes. A classic com- bination is black and white. But also paired with shiny colors, black is a powerful tool to create a vibrant ambience or gorgeous focal points.

Apple green, white & red: an optic realization of freshness.
Open plan kitchen with an impressive black & white contrast!

Further, the combination of stainless steel with black is well suited to avoid that a functional stainless steel kitchen looks too sterile. Some black details, e.g. a countertop or backsplash, provide a stylish touch without diminishing functionality.

Black is suitable for any size kitchen. In a small city kitchen, a deep lacquered black will make it look amazing. If you have a larger kitchen, dark shades easily grab the attention of guests upon entering the room and makes your kitchen furniture an attractive focal point. To complement the sophisticated look of your kitchen, you can also use black iron hardware.

Small but impressive: a cool, matte black kitchen with clean lines.
Large black, wooden kitchen with a cluster-free design. The kitchen island not only works as a central feature but doubles up to provide extra storage and a large dining table or bar.
An unusual, but exceptional and sophisticated design in grey and black tones. This kitchen captivates with intricate detailing. The modern appliances also emphasize a contemporary twist.
Black open plan kitchen in a light-flooded penthouse.
Warm, soothing kitchen with black interior. It works!





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